Standing Up Standing Strong for My Rights

"What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us ?"
Romans 8:31

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I am a Christian, Constitutional, and now a Mental Health avocate and activist. This is my second Diva vs Goliath Federal lawsuit. I am not afraid to stand up, speak out and Fight Back for what is right. Below I have included several links, including a link to my Federal Lawsuit, EEOC and Human Rights filing. Please take time to read all of them.

In 2005 I filed a Federal lawsuit in Miami-Dade County against my town for blocking my constitutial rights for not opening a Public Forum for all faiths and people. Google, Snowden v. The Town of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. No. 04-23012-CIV- ALTONAGA/BANDSTRA. I requested that my nativity be diplayed next to the town Menorah. I spent two years in the Federal Courts. I received many death threaths, even my car was tampered with to catch fire while driving my mayor even called me an "anti-semetic bitch" and tried to have me evicted from my town so I could not file in the courts. The more my town fought against me, the more God made me stronger to fight on.

When the ruling from the court came down the town was found to be in seven violations of my constitutional rights including my Freedom of Speech, Freedon of Religion and the Establishment Clause. I was paid $1.00 for each violation. However, I would not end my case until my mayor, Issac Salver, step out of office for blocking not only mine, but all residents of our town Constitutional Rights. My Federal lawsuit gained national attention, even Bill O'Reilly had me on his show and called my case "A Big Win for Baby Jesus". I was named one of Miami-Dade County 50 Most Powerful Women for forcing my mayor out of office. Nationwide my case was known as "The Snowden Factor", opening Public Forums across our great nation and even written up in Westlaw. You can read more online and through my links.

I was also one of the first to open a Pulic Forum after 150 years in our Florida State Capitol Rotonda three years ago. I have included a link on my Christmas Cross: Prince of Peace. Now other state capitols have followed our lead. I still set up my display at the capitol with the help of The Knights of Columbus. (google Sandra Snowden Florida State Capitol to see photos)

The reason I mention this Federal lawsuit is that again as Diva I must again fight against Goliath. I have been threatened by the senior officers of my former company for filing an EEOC claim that, "I was holding the company hostage". I have also been threathened that if I filed a Federal lawsuit that they would hold me up in court for years and I would never get a dime. I have been berated by the company President yelling at me while in recovery, "Bagels, bagels, bagels do you know what a bagel is ? It's a big fat zero and that's what you have on the board. Others have numbers up, I know, it must be they have magic. " In addition came e-mails, "WTF are you doing" and "F_ _ king" get on the phone and make calls.

As you read through my website pages you will gain greater insight into why I must stand up and speak out again. The Illinois Departmen to Human Rights has also found "Substanial Cause" of six of my civil rights. I have already won by speaking out and up against bullying in the workplace and bringing light to the seriousness of Mental Health in the workplace and how employers need to address it's importance and offer support to it's employees who are suffering with depression.

Below are links to my Federal case, findings by the Illinois Deptament of Human Rights and my EEOC claims. Please read all links and pages on my website to learn more. This Diva vs Goliath is standing strong and Fighting Back!

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