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Cyber Bullying

Internal use of electronic memos or e-mails to employees that contain profanities or threats are nowdays a common way of office bullying that are non verbal however still scream at the employees. I recieved several e-mails from my manager and company owner. E-mails like , "WTF are you doing" or "that's what you are f_ _ _ king being paid for !".

The result of cyber bullying are the same as spoken, causing low self esteem and often panic attacks to the recipient. Often it is worst because the employee can not speak up for themselves and are left powerless against their company to take the abuse.

Bully Keyboard

Wake Up Workers

We must now work together to end workplace bullying and cyber bullying by our superiors. Please share your story of the BIG BULLY in your office that needs to be caged and stopped today. Write to me at
Know that you have someone on your side. Please join with me to STOP WORKPLACE BULLYING TODAY. Remembers that bosses who are bullies are really cowards with their own low self-esteem. They try to take their personal problems out on you. You are not the one to blame.