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Sandra SnowdenWall of Shame
Wall of Shame

My Story

It was July 3rd 2015. I was sitting at my desk. Sad and depressed. My company and I were at great odds. That story will come later. I was glad that it would be a long three- day holiday weekend and I could hopefully have time to get my act together. However, I was under so much stress at work that I felt out of control and everything around me felt surreal. My desk was a wall of room dividers the company had put up to hide and isolate me from my co-workers. It was what I called "a wall of shame". Stored away so that I had little contact with anyone.


My former company was well aware of my severe depression and urgent need to take time off to get help. My performance was affected. Moreover, they would rather see me caged in and seperated from others in the office than reach out and allow me to get the help I so desperately needed. I was forced not only to suffer in silence, but to feel the pain and shame of guilt that depression brings to those suffering with depression in the workpkace.

Holding my head in my hands, I began raking my fingers through my hair until blood from my scratches ran down my face. It was than that I noticed an e-mail from one of the owners sent to everyone in the office.

If we worked hard until 1:00PM there would be pizza and cold beer for everyone in the kitchen and we could leave early. I was relieved to know that soon I could leave and go home and hide under my comforter and the world would than become a better place.