The Official Mood Foodie Diet

The Official Mood Foodie Diet

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." Jim Rohn

I am still in recovery. I have looked at every way to improve my life and foods that can change my moods are taking me in the right direction. For the next six months I am only going to eat mood foods. I personally am going to research how certain foods work with our brain to improve our mood, mood swings and high anxiety. The results of my research will be compiled and published in my new book, The Official Mood Foodie Diet.

I invite you to join with me as we explore together ideas and recipes that will make us happy. Did you know after five minutes of drinking a glass of champagne that the serotonin in your brain is positively affected. Maybe that's why we feel so bubbly. My favorite is that only dark chocolate takes away dark clouds in our life. Being a chocolate lover this diet is starting to sound pretty good to me. Sign me up now to be a Mood Foodie!

Sunflower Seeds Dark Chocolate Heart

While it is impossible to list all the mood foods in this section, even if the research was completed, please visit my Blog as we learn together. You can always e-mail me at

Everyone knows that the treatment for depression can be a complicated process involving nutrition, medication and therapy. Most of us suffering with depression need all three. That is why it is important that you know that I am not asking anyone to go off their meds or stop seeing their therapist. The Official Mood Foodie Diet is just the special spice and discipline needed in our recovery. Yes, it's true, we are what we eat so why not eat the foods that fuel our body and spirits.

Here are a few foods that you can begin now including in your diet. Favs are avocados, bananas, leafy greens, fresh fruits, crunchy vegetables and low fat yogurt. Also, it's good to include at least two folic acid-rich foods in your diet daily, such as chard, broccoli, spinach, fish or foul, and orange juice. Also, make sure that every meal has some complex carbohydrate-rich foods. Well, that's not enough food to live on so weekly in my blog we will add more to our list.

Pumpkin Seeds Champagne

Also, some doctors say that eating sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds is often better than prozac. Don't try this without the advise from your doctor. Also, ask your doctor to run a new blood panel for you. Being low in vitamine D can bring on saddness and make sure to increase your dietary intake of vitiamin B6 and B12.

To start my diet I am going on a three day detox diet of eating apples. That's right, an apple a day does chase the blues away. I will post daily what my meals will be but I'm counting on you to do some of the research and come up with some culinary signature dishes for me to try. Also, I encourage you to join in on our International Mood Foodie Challenge as we make new friends and learn about cultures and customs along the way.