Lettuce Talk:

How Mood Foods Can Make You Smile
Advice From,
Mood Foodie First Lady, Sandra Snowdon

Are you as tired as I am at hearing the words to the song, Put on a Happy Face! Are those grey clouds really going to ever clear up? Well maybe the answer is not looking out your window but right in front of you. Yes, that’s right. The answer is starring you in the face. It’s what we put in our bodies on the inside that will make all the difference to our low energy somewhat gloomy lives we are showing the world on the outside. I realize that not every day is cloudy, but, somedays the sun just has a hard time shining through.   

Lettuce Talk:

Are there really foods that can change our moods? Well take it from me, Mood Foodie First Lady, that miles of smiles are on their way and into your brain’s magical powers. Remember however, that you are in control of your own life, happiness and dreams. You are your own Super Hero. So it's time that we fuel our bodies with foods to keep us on track.

While in my treatment center we talked about exactly how foods can change our brain chemistry. I learned that, "neurotransmitters are specialized biochemicals that nerve cells use to talk to each other. Serotonin is one of some ten major brain transmitters. Deficiencies of serotonin in the brain have been linked to a number of disparate conditions including: depression, anxiety, insomnia and SAD  (seasonal affective disorder), to name a few."

"Serotonin nerve circuits promote feelings of well-being, calmness, personal security, relaxation, confidence and concentration. Many people suffer from various degrees of brain serotonin deficiency, leading to a host of mental, emotional and behavioral problems. To understand why brain serotonin deficiency is becoming more common in modern society, it is necessary to look at how the brain makes serotonin."

That is what "Lettuce Talk" is all about. Here we will learn and discover together more about our brain and foods that can make us smile and give us lots of energy.

So let’s get started and see what kind of a new and improved life we can create.

The first ingredient will be a positive attitude.

Next, add a vision of what you want your life to really be like.

The rest is simple! Just put on your Magical Mood Foodie Chef’s Hat, and let’s discover foods that will change our moods together.

One of my favorite mood foods is Romaine Lettuce. When it comes to greens, romaine takes “Main Stage” both as a brain booster that fights depression and also a calming food to help with anxiety. While we all know that romaine is good for us in salad, did you know that eating a few romaine leaves before going to bed will help you sleep better at night? It's also, almost calorie free for a midnight snack. WOW...Who knew. Lettuce learn more!    Lettuce Talk: