Stop Workplace Bullycide

Diva vs Goliath 

My Mission is to try and stop Workplace Bullycide by educating and enlightening corporations that depression is a serious disability. The louder you yell, the more you bully an employee suffering with depression for performance, the closer you push them to the ledge. You may be the real reason they cannot cope any longer and the darkness of depression than takes over and overwhelms them.

Those of us in the workplace who suffer in silence with depression did not choose this disability. It chose us. No one wants to live a depressed life. Often our depression rises up, and we are sometimes too weak to fight back on our own. We need the compassion, tolerance, support and understanding from our employers and management as we try to heal and scotch tape our lives back together. We as employees want to be winners and champions in our own lives, areas of expertise and within our companies. We also want to be strong and healthy for our family, friends and coworkers.

No one wants to fail. No one wants to suffer.

Today I am speaking out because I know first hand how it feels to be bullied by managers and management. My former company is the perfect example. I am thankful I lived from self-harm at my desk. I am thankful to be alive to tell my story. I am thankful now to be able to fight back against Goliath in hopes of helping others, so they do not have to live the nightmare of pain and shame as I did in my company. Today I am still in recovery. However, today I am living "Stigma-Free." Stand beside me and together we can be strong and fight the Goliaths blocking the blessed life we were all meant to live.

This website is dedicated to you who need support and are suffering in silence. While it is my story and journey I ask that you also share your story with us to inspire others and change the paradigm.

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