Celebrating Life;

" The more you are positive and say, I want to have a Good Life, the more you build that reality for yourself by creating the life you want to live!" Chris Pine- American Actor-Captain Kirk, Star Trek

Depression. I have it. My name is Sandra. I am an author, inspirational speaker, mental health activist and suicide survivor. Each day now, I try to Celebrate the Good Life by counting my blessings.

I have made a promise to myself that I will not let depression defeat me. Now I have come to realized that there is so much more to live for, and so much about life I can learn from others. I have also, now learned that you’re never defeated by anything until you accept in your mind the thought that you are defeated. You are never defeated until you accept the image of defeat. I now paint colorful images in my mind and imagine myself living a celebrated and blessed life filled with wonderment in everything I experience. 

However, still to this day the dark clouds of depression unexpectedly roll in, even when my life feels filled with hope. It is than that I want to run away and hide from the world under my comfy comforter.

Paralyzed in pain it's hard to get up and get going. Struggling with every step, I stop and look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes I don't even recognize the face starring back at me. Who am I? My sad reflection scares me. Now comes the hard part. Who will I be today?

What will I wear to cover my pain? What can I wear that will fool others that all is well with me and the world? Songs play through my head reminding me, " Smile Though your Heart is Breaking" and the words from Annie," You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile."

Famed psychologist Carl Rodgers once said," The Good Life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction and not a destination."

Today I know that I am the only one that can change my future. So, I have set my personal compass and subconscious mind towards the road to happiness. That is both my direction and destination. Now, I know my dreams of my future will come true.

Remember, “You can if you think you can change your life.” Most of us are only using 10% of the power that is in us. Most of us are letting fear of failure and our depression hold us back. Most of us are living in a dungeon of self-depreciation and negative thinking. All the ingredients of success and recovery are right inside us, if we could just turn our thinking around. Norman Vincent Peal once said, “Don’t keep telling yourself you can’t do this or you can’t do that. Knock the “T” off the word can’t, you “Can” do ANYTHING if you think you can.” 

Please join me on my journey to recovery, self-discovery and self-determination. Together we can support one another and "Celebrate the Good Life" saying, Bye-Bye Blues & Hello World Here We Come!  

This website will introduce you to my personal struggles with depression. We will also learn how to visualize, actualize and realize our hopes and dreams. In addition, this site will also serve as a Call to Action worldwide for all nations and all people to work together in finding answers in the future for those suffering with mental illness. Furthermore, we will take the International Mood Foodie Challenge and discover the best mood foods and depression cures from other cultures that can change our lives. Finally, you can follow my transformation as I reinvent myself from sad to sensational at Simply Fabulous Me! Yes, you are Simply Fabulous so join with me and let’s together make a difference in our lives.

Suicide survivor's symbol where the author should have ended the sentence but decided to keep on going. The author is you and the sentence is your life. The meaning is that your life is not over and your new story continues. The semi-colon is also the universal symbol for suicide awareness and prevention.

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