Workplace Depression Support

Bad Bosses are Bad News

"A bad job with a good boss is better than a good job with a bad boss"

"One in eight U.S. workers have been diagnoised with depression according to a recent Gallup Poll." Many of them look perfectly fine yet suffering tremendously on the inside " said David Maschoulon, MD,PHD, a staff psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

"Even as more companies offer wellness programs to promote good health, depression continues to take a toll on the workplace. Considering the symptoms of depression, a person could feel tired and have difficulty concentrating which would affect productivity " said Dr. Mischoulon. " They could feel unmotivated and find themselves neglecting their work if "no one" is looking over their shoulder." Gallup estimates that workers with depression miss 68 million additional days of work annually resulting in over $ 23 billion in lost productivity.

Angry Boss

Stigma and discrimination have often affected people's williness to access services, as has the lack of knowledge around support available in the workplace, according to Carolyn Dewa, MPH, PHD."It is crucial that employers offer mental health intervention to their employees and support them in engaging in treatment, as well as continuing to support them as they transition back into the workplace."

" When people seek treatment it has benificial effect because the person is actively doing something, and that in and of itself can help function improve" said Mischoulon." If you have a supportive employer, it can be a lot easier to cope and help a persons stay at work while going through depression."

" A bad boss can take good employees and destroy them, causing best employees to flee and the remainder to loose motivation."

My goal is to become the "Poster Child" and, "Agent of Change" on how BAD BOSSES can turn your life into a nightmare, and living hell. I know this first hand. My BAD BOSSES, and management team, including owners and HR, were the worst in the world in caring or trying to understand what depression is to the person suffering.

Depression with the EEOC and ADA is considered a disability. You are protected and do have rights against your company. They can not fire you. If they did it would be a charge of retaliation against you and your rights. However, you must first disclose, always in writing, that you do have depression to your company. Only than will you be protected under Federal Laws.

We all need a good outside support group that does understand what we are really going through. That will involve admitting and being honest with yourself that you are depressed. You must take action and reach out for professional help and find an outside support group to interact with weekly. Do not expect that your family and friends may offer the support you will need. Often times they will only pitty you or say things that make you feel worst such as, "don't worry just take a few days off and rest. You'll feel better. You will snap out of it and be your old self soon".

Personally, I had trouble myself being depressed as a Christian. How could I be depressed if Jesus loves me ? The Bible even says, "that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me". Than why do I few so weak and just want to hide out away from the world?